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What Some Of The Canadian Jewelry Designers Create

There are many Canadian jewelry designers that you can study and find out if they make something you like. Some use glass, wood, or even metal to make their authentic pieces. Some of the jewelry designers are from all over Canada. Some provinces represented here are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. They use many of the things found in nature to create some of their special pieces. Some are so unique they are one of a kind pieces. No two earrings may be the same depending on what kind of medium is used to make them.

Canadian Diamond Pearl Rings

Starting out in Ontario, you will find many female artisans doing delightful pieces. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are crafted with much care from gold, silver, crystals, and semi-precious stones. Some of the other Canadian jewelry designers use whimsy and fantasy in their jewelry. They use many colors from the spectrum to blend and contrast for a varied look. Some of these jewelry designers located in Ontario believe that their jewelry should create a story of some kind for the wearer.

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In British Columbia, the Canadian jewelry designers use graphite, watercolors and ceramics in their pieces. Some use metal and wood. Glass beads and costume jewelry with huge stones are quite popular today. Some also like to use enamel and silver in their own pieces.

Canadian Pearl Jewelry Designers

In Alberta, some of the jewelry designers in Canada also use silver in their creations. Some artisans like to use bone or antlers to carve intricate pieces of jewelry. Embroidery designs are quite popular as well with some Canadian people. Still others like gemstones and symbolic designs in their jewelry pieces.

Manitoba brings us some of the really unique Canadian designers. These artisans like to paint mountain scenes and landscapes on some of their pieces. Pen and ink is also used for designs or symbols. Beads and embroidery are also popular to add to their creative pieces. Some can use a photograph and make it into a very unique piece of jewelry for you.

Canadian Pearl Rings Designers

Quebec has its own personable style as well. Most of their artisans hand make everything using mostly silver or gold. They have several different styles offered. There is profession jewelry, animal jewelry, hobby jewelry, and theater jewelry. You can get all of these on a pendant, rings, bracelet, or money clip. Another unique practice is to use egg shells from turkeys, geese, emus, or ostriches. The shell is sculpted into what the artisan wants whether it be a symbol or design.

Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring

Nova Scotia has its own one of a kind pieces as well. Canadian jewelry designers in this province like to use a lot of the dichroic glass beads to make jewelry. These come in any shade or color you need and make perfect pieces to add to your creation. These creations are then made into necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Most of them are wrapped up in silver or gold and wired together for a continuous look and feel.

Diamond and Pearl Rings in Canada

Planning ahead to he future, some of the artisans recycle different items for their pieces. Most look quite vintage and sell for less than you would expect. There are some artists who like to use the petrified wood found in the country to design unique jewelry items. Some pendants and/or necklaces can be fashioned from a single piece of this petrified wood.

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