Thursday, December 26, 2013

Military Jewish Jewelry

As far as Judaism is concerned military Jewish jewelry is extremely popular. In the Old Testament it is one motif that is most common. It was for Issac that Rebecca was given a nose ring in gold by Eliezer. If you go back to Hoshen you are sure to find Jewish jewelry in military designs now modernized for current tastes and preferences. During the wilderness days, in the Tabernacle at the Temple the High Priest wore a breast plate. Israel’s twelve tribes have been well represented by minerals and gems totaling to twelve in number, a fact included in the Hoshen.

Military Jewish Jewelry

Jewelry items as well as accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, key chains, etc have designs of the Hoshen or Hoshen replicas on them. A number of Jewish themes have been made best use of in the making of pendants as well as amulets in precious stones. It was due the Hoshen considered most holy that the origin of this tradition was born. Different kinds of symbols that are traditional as well as religious are well incorporated into Jewish jewelry with military designs. Symbols like the mezuzah, the Star of David, Hamsa Hand, pendants from Chai etc have been some of the most popular symbols being used in different kinds of accessories and jewelry items.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Patron Saint Medallions

Patron Saint medallions are commonly associated with religious affiliation, especially that of the Christian faith or Catholicism. Not all patron saint medallions are tied to religion. Saints that are not featured as a part of religious lore are often associated with protection or virtue. Patron saint medallions are commonly collected as each different patron saint medal tends to have its own story.

Patron Saint Medallions

Most common patron saint medallions are tied to religion, such as those depicting the figure of Christ, Saint Christopher, or Saint Anne. Others feature figures such as Saint Jude, who while having ties to religion are more commonly worn by almost anyone, even those not of Catholic or Christian faith, due to the meaning associated with the figure on the medal. There are medals favored by those in the medical profession, law enforcement, teaching, and firefighting, each featuring saints that have ties to their professions.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Mindset of Those Who Buy Cheap Gothic Rings

Generally, those people who wear Gothic jewelry belong to a well-defined subculture. They possess a rather specific attitude and adorn their fingers with Gothic rings. They have adapted a quite narrow and undeviating way of thought. That way of thought reflects their belief system - a system that views good and evil as forces that need to exist together. People who wear Gothic rings appreciate the contrast between good and evil, between black and white. Their rings tend to demonstrate their appreciation of those contrasting colors.

Many reasonably priced Gothic rings have been fashioned from pewter. Other cheap rings use stainless steel to mix black and white images. In each case, the pewter or stainless steel ring typically juxtaposes two images, one that is associated with good forces, and one that is associated with evil.

An online search turns up several virtual locations where jewelry lovers can find cheap Gothic rings. Some such items are available at web sites with spooky sounding names. For example, online shoppers can find a stainless band with a black and white Swiss cross. The same site has posted pictures of a chain link band with oxidized sterling silver plating. That inexpensive item contains a blend of different metals: copper, tin and zinc.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Northeastern Fine Jewelry in Upstate New York

Northeastern Fine Jewelry opened its doors in 1980 as a coin shop. Just five years later, the business incorporated and became the jewelry store it is today. Their aim is to provide the very best in jewelry to everyone in the Northeastern area. They give equal treatment to every customer from the smallest budget to the customers who spare no expense. They want every customer to be treated like royalty and to purchase jewelry that is fit for royalty as well. Based upon that creed, they have become the highest volume jeweler in the area. They now have three locations in upstate New York and one location in Vermont.

The designer jewelers at Northeastern Fine Jewelry include more than fifty of the top designers. Mikimoto, Hearts on Fire, Judith Ripka, Favero, Scott Kay, and Tacori name just a few of the designers represented at Northeastern. They also offer designer watches by Cartier, Citizen, Tissot, and Michele among others. Between the four Northeastern stores, 64 designers are represented. Not all designers are available at every store. It is best to check the collections available at each store before making a trip there.