Saturday, December 14, 2013

Patron Saint Medallions

Patron Saint medallions are commonly associated with religious affiliation, especially that of the Christian faith or Catholicism. Not all patron saint medallions are tied to religion. Saints that are not featured as a part of religious lore are often associated with protection or virtue. Patron saint medallions are commonly collected as each different patron saint medal tends to have its own story.

Patron Saint Medallions

Most common patron saint medallions are tied to religion, such as those depicting the figure of Christ, Saint Christopher, or Saint Anne. Others feature figures such as Saint Jude, who while having ties to religion are more commonly worn by almost anyone, even those not of Catholic or Christian faith, due to the meaning associated with the figure on the medal. There are medals favored by those in the medical profession, law enforcement, teaching, and firefighting, each featuring saints that have ties to their professions.

 Patron saint medallions are most commonly worn in necklace form, but it is possible to find other forms of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, and even watches with embedded patron saints. There are some forms of this type of jewelry that feature either more than one scene of the saint in action, tied to their personal story, or of more than one saint in general. Bracelets most commonly are the type of jewelry bearing the scenes of more than one patron saint.

Patron saint medallions can be found in a variety of materials, but most commonly are made of gold or sterling silver. Some gold patron saint medallions are simply yellow gold or white gold, where more elaborate styled ones feature two or more colors of gold. Some are yellow gold and have been painted to make the features of the saint stand out and look real. While some patron saint medallions bear just the image of the patron saint on the front and are quite plain, others are more elaborate. Some feature the name of the saint, more than one depiction of them, a saying related to the saint on the reverse side of the medallion, or a short blurb about the meaning of the patron saint.

Patron saint medallions can be a good gift for a person upon commemoration of a religious milestone or as a tribute to their profession and the type of work they do daily. Some patron saint medallions are meant as a protective device and to protect the wearer from daily harms, tribulations, and events that tend to float in and out of life. The patron saint should be matched to the appropriateness of the wearer, their life events, religious affiliation, or wishes for safety for the wearer. If not sure about the particular meaning of the patron saint, one can often research it on the internet or ask at the jewelry store they are purchasing it from.

Patron saint medallions are commonly found, while some patron saints are harder to find than others. Jewelry stores, religious stores, and department stores or mall kiosks can feature patron saint jewelry, although sometimes it may be necessary to order the patron saint that is desired. The internet can also offer a wide variety of patron saint medallions to choose from.