Thursday, December 26, 2013

Military Jewish Jewelry

As far as Judaism is concerned military Jewish jewelry is extremely popular. In the Old Testament it is one motif that is most common. It was for Issac that Rebecca was given a nose ring in gold by Eliezer. If you go back to Hoshen you are sure to find Jewish jewelry in military designs now modernized for current tastes and preferences. During the wilderness days, in the Tabernacle at the Temple the High Priest wore a breast plate. Israel’s twelve tribes have been well represented by minerals and gems totaling to twelve in number, a fact included in the Hoshen.

Military Jewish Jewelry

Jewelry items as well as accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, key chains, etc have designs of the Hoshen or Hoshen replicas on them. A number of Jewish themes have been made best use of in the making of pendants as well as amulets in precious stones. It was due the Hoshen considered most holy that the origin of this tradition was born. Different kinds of symbols that are traditional as well as religious are well incorporated into Jewish jewelry with military designs. Symbols like the mezuzah, the Star of David, Hamsa Hand, pendants from Chai etc have been some of the most popular symbols being used in different kinds of accessories and jewelry items.

 It was mainly the Jewish people who love to adorn their bodies with the Military Jewish jewelry. People have been popularly been using the jewelry as a kind of self expression besides having the body adorned or beautified. It was through the jewelry pieces, adornment items, accessories, etc that the dispositions that were aesthetic in nature amongst Jews, love for the Jewish organizations, beliefs of the Jewish people etc are portrayed. In today’s times a lot of other people too love to flaunt the Jewish military jewelry pieces. The trend of wearing this jewelry has been continuously growing over the years.

For showing support as well as respect for the Israeli Defense Army or the IDF that Jewish jewelry in Military designs was introduced. The military has been putting in all possible efforts to protect the Jewish homeland, Israel, since a very long time now. To show support for the sovereign country, the Jewish people have adopted one of the best ways for showing their due respect and concern for the military through Jewish defense jewelry. The capital city of Israel, Jerusalem is an important center for Jewish Jewelry. Jerusalem motifs have become very popular.

Tourists visiting Jerusalem, the holy city for the Jews, never fail to purchase Jerusalem motifs. People living in Israel as well as tourists in the effort of feeling connected to the holy city and for the purpose of expressing their connection make sure that Jerusalem motifs are purchased and flaunted.  The hamsa hands, the mezuzot, menorah are Jewish trends that are also very popular in Military Jewish jewelry. Many of the homes of the Jews have the Mezuzots nailed on to the door way. The Star of David is religiously attached on anklets, bracelets, pendants, earrings etc.